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At Wellness Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing a range of necessary care expertise to our patients.  We carry a variety of supplements and products to help you maintain an optimal state of health. Below is a sampling of the services we offer in our clinic. 


Let us assist your body staying in balance and in health, so you can enjoy life at its fullest!

Chiropractic Care for All Ages:
​Maintenance, Injury, Corrective, Maternity and Pediatric

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​We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing a variety of chiropractic techniques, but primarily adjustments with the Thompson Drop Table: a gentle technique that can be used at almost any age. New methods of correction are even safer, more comfortable, and more effective than ever before.  Wellness Chiropractic is well known for our effectual and modern spinal care for every body at every stage of life, including maintenance, maternity, and pediatric care, as well as treatment of acute injuries and spinal conditions. 


Wellness with Rehabilitation:
​Personal Evaluation with a variety of treatment options


Rehabilitative exercise is a key component at Wellness Chiropractic to enhance the care you receive from your provider. Many of the conditions which may have brought you to our office are developed over time and require more than just a spinal care protocol.  An evaluation and movement pattern assessment will help us understand your specific strengths and weaknesses, allowing your care to be as effective as possible. 

We provide the following Physiotherapy procedures in addition to our chiropractic services: 


Postural Restoration is a highly successful treatment approach for problems that may arise from imbalances and asymmetries in the body. A certified athletic trainer can determine what type of adaptations you have made to cope with your symptoms that are likely the underlying source of your bodily pain, instability, weakness and dysfunction. Postural Restoration is instrumental in developing innovative treatment programs that succeed where injections and surgery has failed.


Low Level Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation, a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and help accelerate the healing process. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions in order to help eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

Soft tissue work is an important process to loosen up fascia and scar tissue. We use a variety of methods to support this healing process. Instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), Positional Release Therapy (PRT), Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT), and Craniosacral Therapy (CST) will provide you with specific tissue release in a relatively short amount of time.


Shockwave Therapy or Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) is a non-invasive treatment option for a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, low back pain, and many other conditions. This proprietary technology is based on a unique set of sound waves that stimulate cellular metabolism. This stimulation promotes stem cell migration to the treatment area to build new tissue and enhance blood circulation to the surrounding tissue, which accelerates the healing process.

Comprehensive Lower Extremity Evaluation:  ​
Gaitscan and Custom Orthotics - ​Putting Your Body in Balance with Orthotics

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They support you when you stand, walk, or run, and they help protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from damaging stress as you move through your day. Your feet perform better when all their muscles, arches, and bones are in their ideal stable positions.   ​Prescription Orthotics are worn in your shoes to provide correction for your feet and help them function more efficiently. Poor foot function and alignment may be the cause of a number of different problems you may experience including: foot pain, hip pain, knee pain or back pain. Prescription orthotics help to relieve your pain by realigning and stabilizing the bones in your feet which then restore a natural walking gait so your body moves more efficiently. 


Some signs that you may be suffering from abnormal foot function are:

  • Your feet are sore on a regular basis

  • Standing, walking, or running gives you joint pain in your ankles, knees, hips or back.

  • You have visible foot problems such as bunions, fallen arches, or corns

  • You have knock-knees, bow legs or you “toe out” when you walk

  • Your shoes wear out quickly or unevenly.

Other reasons to consider wearing custom orthotics are:

  • You spend a good portion of the day standing or walking on hard surface

  • You are over 40 years old.

  • You have a history of plantar fascitis or shin splints

  • Your parents had foot related symptoms.

  • You play a sport regularly such as tennis, basketball, golf or running 

  • One of your legs is shorter than the other.


Our office utilizes a state of the art computer program which helps us assess and analyze your feet. This report helps us evaluate your foot function and determine if the pain you are experiencing is related to faulty foot function. If we find you would benefit from orthotic therapy, we can then design custom made orthotics which are manufactured specifically for you and your feet.  If you’d like more information on custom orthotics, please call for a free consultation.  


Happy Feet = Happy Body

QEEG Neurofeedback
Alleviate symptoms of various neurological and mental health disorders.

Who can be helped by Neurofeedback?

Children, Adolescents, and Adults with:
Seizure Conditions

Behavior Disorders
Attention Deficits
Ongoing Developmental Delays
Acquired Brain Injuries
Birth Trauma
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Stress Related Problems
Insomnia or Interrupted Sleep Patterns
Age-Related Cognitive Loss

Neurofeedback may also be used as an adjunct intervention with other forms of therapy.

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