Dear Patients, Community and Friends,


We hope that you are all well and being resourceful in your lives!  The universe can test our character but we can come out stronger on the other side if we use this wisely as a reset for our lives.

Pursuant to the governor's executive order to shelter in place we are closing Wellness Chiropractic for the next several weeks.  We will watch the trend of this pandemic and keep you posted on when we will re-open. 


Below you will find the email addresses of the doctors.  You may use these to communicate with us and we may arrange a telemedicine consult or other means of addressing your concerns. If you have a true emergency and our intervention will eliminate the need for a visit to the ER or your PCP,  contact the doctor via email.  Your provider will make a clinical decision if this constitutes an emergency and may make arrangements to evaluate and treat your acute condition.  The doctors' criteria for seeing a patient will necessarily be strict so please do not use this service without due consideration.  Dr. Aker will not be treating patients during this time due to a birth coming to his family in 4 weeks and he wishes to safeguard himself and Dana so that they might welcome this child into the world.  


We will be placing and filling orders for supplements weekly on Fridays.  We will contact you to pay in advance and when your supplements are ready for pick-up.  Please plan for your needs as we may not have what you want in stock and it could be a week before it is ready for pick-up. If you need your supplements shipped there will be a postage fee. The email contact for orders and finances is


We have some recommendations to help you come out of this challenge in better health than you went in. 


1.  Make a gratitude journal and write in it!  If you jot down 2-3 things each day that you are grateful for it resets the brain from the stress mentality that is fostered by the media barrage. If you like an app, a good one is Day One Journal/Diary App.


2.  Exercise!  Follow online or reach out to for help.  Come out of this in better shape than you came in!  Movement is essential to reduce stress and maintain brain clarity.


3.  Practice conscious acts of kindness.  Go out of your way to help others, connect with others through social media or phone.  Support each other.


4.  Clean out your chaos during this time.  This is a chance to declutter your space as well as your head.  Binge watching is clearly the opposite of clearing out the clutter.  


Again, we will be ramping up our virtual efforts in response to your individual needs, so please know that we would love to hear from you with any special requests, ideas or health goals you would like to focus on during this time.  We will listen and respond with the same care as always.  We are here to help and serve any way we can!

General Office questions:


To Your Health!


All of us here at Wellness Chiropractic


P.S. Be sure you follow us on Facebook Page & Come Join Our Private FB Group so we can better support you at this time. 

Our purpose is to provide excellence in chiropractic care and wellness initiatives through teamwork that inspires our patients to move well, eat well, and be well.

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We work hard to ensure that our new patients are well at ease,

because we know that visiting a doctor for the first time can be an

overwhelming and nerve wracking experience. At our office, you will be welcomed with a warm greeting, have the option to complete the paperwork in the comfort of your own home, and have a personalized conversation on strategies that will contribute to improving the quality of your life.


1.  Your first visit will last about an hour and a half.  This will include a consultation and examination with the Doctor, as well as an assessment by our Licensed Athletic Trainer, and will serve as the information gathering time.

2.  The second visit will be a 30-minute follow up with the Doctor, which will include your first chiropractic adjustment, and a 30-minute rehabilitation session with our Athletic Trainer.

3.  The third visit will be another adjustment with the Doctor.

4.  Your fourth visit will be a 45-minute Report of Findings consultation with the Doctor. The doctor will discuss your recommended treatment plan moving forward, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have about how that will transpire. We always welcome additional members of your family to accompany you during this visit so that they can become educated about the next steps as well.


We hope to see you in our office soon!


When you complete these forms ahead of time, it allows us to get right to your care.  Having insight into your health history provides us with indications as to how we might work with any current issues you may be experiencing.  Patient Health History is required for age twelve or above. Please print the agreements below and allow us to provide the best service and best results in the shortest amount of time.



  • Click on the forms you need, print and complete the requested information.

  • Fax, mail, or drop off your forms to our office before your appointment.

  • Please do not email forms to our office.

  • Our forms are in PDF format. You can download the Free AdobeReader here.

Do you have Medicare?  Please read our letter to Medicare patients then print and fill out the Medicare Advance Notice Agreement.

Additional forms may be requested by your doctor or front staff.

Youth Patient History 

(Required for ages Birth to Twelve years)  

If your child is our patient, please complete and return one of the following forms to our office.

Personal Injury Case

Workers' Compensation Case 

If you are seeing us under a Personal Injury or Workers' Compensation case, we will need the following information and forms:

Insurance Company Name

Insurance Representative Name and Phone Number

Address to Send Claims

Claim Number

Date of Accident/Injury